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About EPHG Limited

Established as Martin Smith Plumbing in 2008

Then becoming a limited company under EPHG in 2015

About EPHG Limited

Here is where EPHG Limited explain what EPHG Limited is all about

EPHG Limited is a nation company covering most but not all of the UK. The company is estimate to cover 98% of the UK for emergency call outs operating a shift pattern 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year.

The type of calls we give a service on are electrical, plumbing, heating and gas. However we may also take other types of jobs for example oil and drainage issues even though we do not prioritise in these areas.

Our job is to take a phone call from the person of whom is paying or a representative of who will help the person of who is paying to make a booking by the following steps:

STEP 1. Ask the client what thier post code is to make sure that we cover the area.

STEP 2. Presuming it's an emergency, the rates are (Description Plus Price Plan).

STEP 3. What is the emergency issue you?

STEP 4. Give time frame of contractor getting to the property which is in most cases within 2 hours of payment being made.

STEP 5. Take deposit which covers the call out fee only and the rest is paid directly to the engineer attending.

STEP 6. Ask client if there is anything else we can help with before ending the call.

STEP 7. Send a text or email after contractor has received details of job to the person of whom has paid or the person of who is representing the person of whom paid if taking job details and booking over the phone.

EPHG Limited estimates that to find an emergency contractor it will take on average 20 minutes to an hour and in some cases not at all. Our job is to make the job of the client much easier by organising a reliable contractor immediately or within a reasonable time taking down the average time to getting an contractor to the property making it much cheaper and saving the client money in the way of damages and being over charged.

EPHG Limited also have a range of terms that all contractors registered have to comply with in order to make sure that the client recieves the best service possible. It also stops the client from being over charged and offers the best service that we can give if ever a complaint was to arise.

EPHG Limited aim is to offer much more that an emergency service such as aftercare and the type of software that is unique to EPHG Limited in order to get a contractor to the property much quicker than expected.

EPHG Limited use a software that tracks contractors attending meaning if there's an alternative contractor closer to the property, then it will make sense to send them to the property in case of an emergency.

As of January 2017, this tracking software is available in iOS but not android and is expected to be on android in April 2017.

EPHG Limited own the trademark 'Think Outside The Box But Always Stay Within The Circle' plus the logo that goes with it. The meaning of the saying is that the company will strive to give a service that nobody else can give and is unique but not only that, the client get a much better service and of course the circle means that the engineer has to act within the law.

We believe our terms are reasonable within the law and that includes clauses and aftercare. We also bespoke our terms to suit each job to make the client have a more understanding much easier.

It is also very important that all engineers follow all terms laid out in there registration and that they also follow the contractors terms.