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Emergency Services

An Emergency Service you can rely on, covering most of the UK

Emergency Services

Welcome to EPHG Limited, your premier destination for comprehensive emergency service solutions throughout the UK. Specializing in critical situations, we are your go-to emergency electrician, emergency plumber, emergency heating engineer, emergency gas engineer, and your expert in emergency boiler repair.

At EPHG, we prioritize immediate response to urgent repairs and maintenance needs. Our skilled contractors are committed to ensuring your safety; if an immediate fix is not possible, they will take measures to secure the area, provided no impediments prevent them from doing so.

Should you, the consumer, find yourself in need of our emergency services, we are just a call away at 07720247247. It is also important you follow our terms.

Engaging with our services means entering into an agreement that safeguards your interests as our valued client and the rights of the independent contractor—the trader—who consents to our terms and responds to your call for service.

We assure you, through our terms and the confirmation terms—which also serves as your receipt—of a clear understanding of the service you will receive. This detailed explanation outlines the entirety of our agreement and the standard of service expected.

Our dedication is to providing domestic emergency service interventions, equipped with a standard inventory of materials. Our contractors operate within their certified areas of expertise. Should your situation require specialized attention, please inform us beforehand.

Our role is to simplify your search for a 24-hour emergency engineer, ensuring that help arrives promptly, or within an acceptable timeframe.

Here's how it works: Imagine a scenario where your electrical circuit is down, water is cascading from the ceiling, or your central heating boiler has failed. In such events, you can reach out to our team, who will coordinate a contractor visit to your location. A deposit, covering the call-out fee, initiates the service from the moment of payment. All that remains for you, the client, is to await assistance while recalling the Terms to which you have agreed.

Choosing EPHG Limited means opting for unparalleled protection and advice. Our terms are designed to shield you while securing emergency service from an electrician, plumber, or a Gas Safe-certified engineer, thus offering you peace of mind during urgent service calls.

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