EPHG Terms And Conditions

Welcome to EPHG Limited terms and conditions

Welcome to our main terms page, where we will try to keep our terms simple, and include links to other terms to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

An important part of our terms, that you agree to are, the terms by clauses page, which you can visit by clicking here.

Prior to your booking

Before you contact us, our terms are available from every platform of advertising & marketing, given you the chance to get a better understanding of our terms, prior to you making a booking.

To get a better understanding of our work, and what to expect when making a booking, once a payment has been made, we send you some durable medium content being a text message or/and an email for you to reply to and confirm. Within the durable medium content, a link to our terms you agree to should be provided. To get a better understanding of these terms, please visit the terms by text page by clicking here.

When contacting us, we verbally explain the rates, we also include a description price plan page, which you can visit by clicking here.

We note that many people may not visit our terms prior to the booking, for the reason we will send a confirmation/receipt of booking, giving the fees paid and what is to be expected of payment during or after the complete works.

Once you receive the confirmation/receipt, you will be expected to reply to the text or email confirming that you are in full agreement with our terms we’ve sent to you. Please note, that in all confirmation receipts, you will receive a link to the confirmation & booking page, which you can visit by clicking here.

From the moment you confirm your receipt confirmation, the deposit covering the call-out fee is non refundable, and the minimum of 1 hours labour applies from the arrival of the contractor being assigned to you.

Our aim is always to try and get a contractor over to you within the hour, from the moment you confirm your receipt, to the moment the engineer arrives, however, our agreement is within 2 hours, unless stated otherwise and agreed for in principle.

The services provided, is regarded as an emergency service, and comes under the legislation of ‘urgent repairs and maintenance’ and falls within the ‘Consumer Contracts Regulations’ and ‘services’. There are exemptions to your rights, which can be found online. The exemptions are, due to our services being used up immediately, and of an urgent nature, in most cases being in 10 minutes, the deposits covers the immediate actions, and your deposit is non refundable, unless agreed for otherwise in writing.

As part of GDPR, for further contact, we store your email address or/and mobile number, which acts as a means of contact, meaning, if someone contacts us using other details, we will not share your information.

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